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Who we are?
2005 marks the beginning of us as a digital agency. Today we are a digital-driven branding agency, providing brand strategy, creative and design services to a wide range of different scale clients. We can offer our clients a complete branding service - from strategic consulting, to design implementation and digital solutions, as we have an in-house digital development and employer branding team.
How do we differ from others?
We are the only branding agency that brings together a complex team of creators, strategists, designers of different specializations, programmers, UI/UX analysts, communication and marketing professionals. By controlling process and quality in this way, we can not only create a seamless brand identity for our clients but grow it effectively as well.

Stages of brand identity development

It’s a unique methodology, used to thoroughly analyse the brand experience. More precisely, it helps us identify the discrepancies between the brand strategy, its visual identity and the experience it creates. It also reveals the brand’s strengths and weaknesses, the effectiveness of the tools used, the actual reach of the target audiences, and the consistency of the brand experience. Based on the brand experience map, a coherent strategic and visual identity is created.
At this stage, we organize briefing sessions that include all of the key teams, responsible for the brands that the client company owns. During these sessions, we strive to distinctly define the brand identity, the value it creates, its main issues and growth prospects. Based on analysis, market research data and session results, our team of strategists develops the brand strategy (depending on the goal, it can either be a brand essence, positioning, or marketing strategy). This stage is the birthplace of creative concept, visual strategy, and branding experience map, designed to build a new consumer-brand relationship.
Brand identity system stage is for creating a graphic brand identity that consists of a logo, predominant colors, fonts and graphic elements. All of this is later used to create additional visual branding elements, such as the website, social media profile graphics, B2B presentations and marketing communication tools.
The most important thing in branding is the brand’s image in the digital space, as this is where the consumer is most likely to get familiar with the brand (even if you only sell your products “offline”). The digital space opens up unlimited possibilities, thus it should definitely be a priority in crafting a brand experience. For best possible results, our UI/UX analysts and programmers are qualified to carry out a wide range of different projects – everything from a company representation website to self-service systems and specialized outsourcing.
Once all the branding tools are created, respective teams in the company are taught how to use the website's content management system. Moreover, the recommendations for digital tool updates and further brand development are provided.

Managing team

Aurimas Baltušis
Strategy & user experience / Partner
For the last 14 years Aurimas works with various web applications and product developments including banking system interfaces, payment and trading platforms, KYC (Know-Your-Customer) processes and booking systems.
Aistė Jakimavičiūtė - Bikauskė
Visual development / Partner
Aistė is a creative director and consultant on visual identity creation and development. She studied design in Lithuania and Finland, obtained a Master’s degree in Educology, and is interested in research on creativity and purposefulness, organizing and managing the creative process.
Indrė Baltušė
Strategy insights / Partner
Strategist of brands and organization identity, marketing communication for 14 years. Lecturer of strategic brand management and marketing communication at various universities -  Lithuanian Journalism Centre, Vilnius University, Atomic Garden.
Agnė Juocevičiūtė
Project Director / Partner
Agne has worked extensively across branding, web design/web development services leading positive customer experience, developing brand identities and digital solutions. Studied in Italy and Lithuania, earned a B.S in communications design. Agnė partners up with the team to create inspiring solutions that help to solve project challenges.

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For digital solutions

Tech-savvy humans who love developing digital products. Skilled at front-end and back-end web development technologies. Experienced with various workflows and tools.

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The first Employer branding agency in Baltics offering the whole scope of Employer Branding service and the only one having “Employer Branding International” License.